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From 2003 to 2006, Gabriel Serero opens alone as a personal chef, a graduate from the Ecole Hoteliere of Lausanne. Already, at this early stage, tradition, fun and avant-gardism define his work.
In 2007, chef Julien Lerouxel, graduate from the Ecole Hoteliere of Poligny, joins the Conte Gouts company which was created 4 years prior.
From this moment forth, two visions, two different approaches to cooking and taste complete each other to create a balance between folly, passion and rigour.

At last, we have a production tool to the height of our ambitions, which is comfortably set in a vast space christened “Les Loges du Gout” (Translating as the Lodges of Taste - behind the scenes).
A polyvalent area entirely devoted to gastronomy, the culture of food, learning and information. The space is also open to students; an exchange forum and knowledge base are also available.

Conte-Goûts traiteur Vaud – Suisse romande

Gabriel Serero et Julien Lerouxel, traiteurs à Lausanne
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